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About Us


About Us

Professional Medical Billers is recognized as a leading provider of medical billing solutions in the United States, that provide end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management with multi-specialty billing services to Hospitals and independent physicians, and clinics to help improve clinical workflows, increase revenue, modernize the patient experience, and reduce operating expenses. Through our targeted services, we add value to your practice. We create a partnership that meets the unique needs of health care providers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help healthcare organizations and individual professionals understand their income cycle more clearly, and to illuminate their way to improve their financial situation.

Quality Service

At Professional Medical Billers, we pride ourselves on personalized service and consistent communication. Our account managers work closely with our clients to create a healthcare provider-centric service model. In addition, we partner with a number of different EMRs, EHRs and PM systems. Professional Medical Billers has the ability to collaborate with a number of different companies and systems.

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